Confederate Monument Vandalized in Nashville

Good news, everyone! Racism has been abolished in Nashville after some brave vandals spray painted graffiti on a century old statue.

Fox News reports:

A Confederate monument commemorating more than 500 Tennessee soldiers who fought during the Civil War was vandalized overnight Sunday with red paint spelling “They were racists” in large letters atop the soldiers' engraved names.
Metro Police Capt. Chris Taylor told local reporters it was not the first time the statue – erected in 1909 in Nashville’s Centennial Park – had been vandalized.
He said, however, it was the first time in about seven years and the political nature of the tagging was a marked changed from previous incidents.
“There is video that takes place in Centennial Park. We will review that,” Taylor said, according to the Tennessean. “The parks do experience vandalism, usually it’s tagging, more of a neutral nature. This is more focused, obviously with a political statement associated.”
Red liquid was also used to douse the base of the statue.

As a reminder, most of the soldiers who fought in the Civil War were too poor to own slaves. That's why they were soldiers.

Racism is deplorable, but this statue isn't a monument to slavery. It's a reminder that 500 people who previously lived in this geographic location died in a war fighting against their own brothers.

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