Louisiana Bans Vegan "Bacon"

Sure, vegan bacon sucks, but did we really need a law that makes it illegal to label meat substitute food products?

SFChronicle.com reports:

Vegan bacon, broccoli rice and other veggie foods will need new names to stay on Louisiana's grocery store shelves next year.
Gov. John Bel Edwards' office announced Monday the Democratic governor has signed new food labeling restrictions into law.
The law will keep veggie products from being called meat, non-rice products from being described as rice and sugar alternatives from being marketed as sugar.
The restrictions begin in October 2020. Louisiana's agriculture commissioner will enforce the law, with civil penalties up to $500 per day for violations.

But why? We all now vegan bacon isn't real bacon. Does it really matter if we let the vegans pretend they're eating something fun when they're really having soy?

This seem like it should be a violation of the First Amendment.

Thanks, government, for protecting us from vegan bacon.

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