Soccer Fans Chant 'F Trump', US Team Disrespects Flag (VIDEO)

You may have heard the US Women's Soccer Team had a pretty good weekend - they won the World Cup! Yay.

In case you missed the game, highlights included soccer fans chanting "F*** Trump" and the US team celebrating by dropping their nation's flag on the ground and practically dancing on top of it. 

Washington Times reports:

After the United States won the Women’s World Cup by beating Netherlands 2-0 in Sunday’s final match, a group of American soccer fans in France chanted an expletive about President Trump on a live television broadcast.
Fox News prepared to do a live TV shot from a sports bar in Lyon, France — the site of the final — that was populated with American fans. Fans in the background began to chant shortly after reporter Greg Palkot began to speak.
Some American players have said they do not support Trump and do not wish to visit the White House if they are invited. Megan Rapinoe, the team’s captain and co-scoring leader for the tournament with six goals and three assists, said earlier in the summer that she is “not going to the f–– White House.”


And then there was the celebration dance. Keep your eye on the flag

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