Louisiana Judge Orders Suspect's Mouth Taped Shut

If you can't stop talking, Louisiana Judge Marilyn Castle will find a way to silence you.

A Louisiana district court judge ordered a man's mouth taped shut for repeatedly interrupting trial proceedings, according to court logs.

Michael C. Duhon was sentenced July 18 for theft and money laundering, according to the Acadiana Advocate.

Duhon refused to stop talking when Judge Marilyn Castle asked him to stop submitting motions (on his own, not through his attorney).

After multiple demands for Duhon to stop talking, the Judge told the bailiff to tape Duhon's mouth shut.

Duhon's public defense attorney asked that the tape be removed and requested the judge order his client to leave the courtroom instead; the judge agreed.

Duhon was sentenced to 11 years in prison and the judge recommended he be transferred to a facility with a mental health treatment program.

Another public defender now faces contempt charges for recording the exchange between Duhon and Judge Castle.

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