Now the Democrats Hate Obama

During round #2 of last night's Democrat primary debates underdog candidates like Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Julian Castro couldn't stop taking shots at former VP Joe Biden.

The insults went beyond his voting record as a senator - they even criticized him for deporting criminal illegal aliens during the Obama era.

Every time the Left takes a shot at Joe Biden's time spent serving as Vice President, they're also taking a shot at former President Obama.

In other words, Democrats now hate Obama.

Daily Caller reports:

A visibly frustrated former Vice President Joe Biden declared during the second night of the CNN presidential debates, “everyone’s talking about how terrible I am on these issues!”
Biden was referring specifically to his record on criminal justice reform and policing, but his statement could have applied to just about any of the policy issues covered during Wednesday night’s debate.
The other Democratic candidates on the debate stage, particularly the progressives, took advantage of Biden’s relatively weak performance in last month’s NBC debate, targeting what they viewed as wounded prey. Biden’s polling plummeted after California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris panned him for his position on school busing during that debate, dropping to just 27% in the RealClearPolitics average. That was his lowest average since he launched his campaign.
However, Biden also had a month to prepare for the likely attacks from his opponents, and his polling recovered significantly in that time, rising back up to 33%. Biden’s partial recovery made his opponents’ critiques all the more urgent, leading to aggressive onslaughts on major policy issues.
“Go easy on me, kid,” Biden requested of Harris on a hot mic before the start of the debate.
She did not.

And in doing so, she also slammed Obama - just like Booker, Castro and Gillibrand.

The Democrats now hate Obama.

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