Evidence From Epstein's Island May Already Be Lost

There's an awful lot of suspicious details still emerging from billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's case, which is probably an understatement.

From Epstein's shocking autopsy report (broken bones in his neck) to the painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress found in the billionaire's Manhattan mansion, details about the case keep getting weirder and weird.

And things are about to get a lot weirder.

Evidence of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes and operations “may have been lost,” said U.S. Virgin Islands Sen. Oakland Benta (D) in a Monday interview on SiriusXM.

"What’s going on here is what should have happened a long time ago," said Benta of federal authorities investigating an island owned by Epstein.

"As a result of all that has transpired, the federal government decided [to investigate] now, whether it’s too late or not — because there have been so many people on the island since Mr. Epstein has been incarcerated and, at the same time, there’s valuable information, evidence-wise, that we may have lost."

This is why people don't trust the government.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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