Slidell Louisiana: 5-yr-old Brings Cocaine to School, Says Officials

WVUE reports:

Slidell Police arrested two adults after a kindergarten student was found with three bags of cocaine at a Slidell school Tuesday morning (Aug. 20).
According to police, a teacher contacted the school’s resource officer after the teacher saw the student holding a bag of white powder that was discovered to be cocaine. The child was also found to be in possession of two more bags of cocaine.
Police say it was apparent that the child had no knowledge about the drugs.
Narcotics detectives later searched the child’s home where they found 23-year-old Angelica Stanley and 51-year-old Ellis Cousin. The pair were also found to be in possession of more narcotics inside of the home.
Daniel Seuzeneau a Detective with the Slidell Police Department said the situation was extremely disturbing, but commended the school for taking quick action.
“It’s a terrible thing but the silver lining in all this is that the teacher did a phenomenal job being alert, notifying the SRO, taking immediate action. God only knows what would have happened if this child would have ingested the cocaine, if another student would have ingested the cocaine, I mean it would have been terrible,” Seuzeneau said.

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