Harris County Judge Can't Explain Her Neo-Marxist Flood Prevention Plan

Remember Harris County Judge Linda Hidalgo?

The 28 year old political leader of the third largest county in America, a woman with no political or legal experience of any kind, has a plan to help us stop flooding during our next tropical storm or hurricane.

In the past Hidalgo attempted to introduce an "Equity based" flood prevention plan. This essentially meant resources for flood prevention would be given to people in low income neighborhoods, not people in the neighborhoods that are most prone to flooding. The plan was extremely unpopular.

So what's the new plan?  That's the thing - she doesn't exactly know (but it sounds an awful lot like her old plan).  

Based on her explanation in the video posted below (which you should definitely watch) this is once again starting to remind us of social Marxism. 

Hidalgo says "geniuses" came up with a framework for something called a "social vulnerability index".

So how does it work?  Again, she doesn't know - so she invited in a really smart expert to explain the process... and he also doesn't know (watch the video for yourselves). 

Hidalgo has no formula or mathematical equation to explain how the "SVI" process works but, if you're an objective person who won't take a politician at their word, this is just a bunch of leftist progressive nonsense designed to redistribute wealth.

My favorite part of this video is when she says "Geniuses" came up with the plan; my least favorite part of this video is knowing that she's gonna be in charge of our safety the next time a natural disaster hits Houston and Harris County.

This is why you should never put a juvenile progressive social justice warrior in charge of anything important.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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