Video: Biden Thinks There Are 720 Million People in America (Um... Nope)

Presidential nopeful Joe Biden is having another dementia-like moment this week.

While recently making the argument for new childcare subsidies, he said something that shocked the nation: there are 720 million people who need new jobs in America (video below).

If true, this would put the unemployment rate at almost 200%.... because there are only 327 million people in America.

Fox News reports:

Speaking at the Workers’ Presidential Summit in Philadelphia, the 2020 frontrunner mocked the idea of having a tax break for "a racehorse" and not one for having children.
"You get a tax break for a racehorse, why in God's name couldn't we provide an $8,000 tax credit for everybody who has childcare costs?" Biden told the crowd. "It would put 720 million women back in the workforce. It would increase the GDP, to sound like a wonk here, by about eight-tenths of one percent. It would grow the economy."
According to the U.S. Census, there are 330 million people living in the country.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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