Houston Mayoral Race Poll: Turner & Buzbee Are Leading Candidates

I've been telling you this for months - the race for Houston's next mayor is between two guys: attorney Tony Buzbee & incumbent Mayor Sylvester "I hate the firefighters" Turner.

The latest mayoral poll published by KHOU shows Turner and Buzbee are the current front-runners.

KHOU reports:

The race for Houston City Hall is heating up, and KHOU political analyst Bob Stein said there is a clear front-runner.
In our exclusive KHOU 11/Houston Public Media Mayoral Poll, we asked 516 registered voters to weigh in on everything from who they want to be Houston’s next mayor to what issues matter most to them.
In the mayoral race that will be decided on Nov. 5, Mayor Sylvester Turner leads the pack, followed by Tony Buzbee and Bill King.
Sylvester Turner - 37%
Tony Buzbee - 20%
Bill King - 10%
Other - 7%
Twenty-two percent of all voters are undecided and 5 percent wouldn’t say who they support.

Before you all assume this means Sylvester Turner is going to win, consider the source of this polling data: Bob Stein's wife is Mayor Turner's agenda director. Also.... Bob previously served as one of Turner's advisers.

So, ya know, take it as a grain of salt.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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