Mayor Turner Admits He Didn't Tell Truth About Not Knowing $95k Intern

Earlier this week Mayor Sylvester Turner denied ever knowing or meeting the city's $95,000 tax-payer funded intern. Marvin Agumagu.

It didn't take long before photos of the Mayor with the intern surfaced online, as well as a letter of recommendation signed by the mayor for the intern.

Now Houston's mayor is suddenly changing his tune.

KPRC reports:

On Tuesday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner released a response to the investigation. In Turner's statement, he admitted to knowing Marvin Agumagu before he was offered the internship, despite the fact that, last week, KPRC 2 investigative reporter Mario Diaz asked Turner in person twice if he knew Agumagu, and the mayor responded, "I have no idea who you are talking about."

Turner said in his statement that KPRC 2's Mario Diaz's question "caught me off guard as I was rushing to another scheduled city event."

KPRC 2 Investigates clearly asked about Marvin Agumagu on two occasions, and Turner denied any knowledge of Agumagu both times.

Agumagu was offered a position as the first candidate for the airport's Executive Internship program. Agumagu was given the salary of a senior staff analyst -- $95,000 a year with benefits. Turner signed off on the position in October 2018. Turner, in his statement, said there are "94 Senior Staff Analysts positions in the City of Houston, of which 15 are at the Executive Level. The current salary range for Senior Staff Analysts is $74,256 - $131,325."

Two Houston mayoral candidates called for an investigation of the internship.

The investigation begs a variety of questions, including: Who is Agumagu and why was he paid so much?

KPRC 2's Mario Diaz took a look at the man being paid nearly $100,000 of public money annually.

In April 2017, Turner wrote a letter on city letterhead, endorsing Agumagu for a position within the student bar at Texas Southern University's law school.

Below is a photo of the letter.

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