Houston-Area Mayor Arrested for Abuse of Power

Another day, another corrupt politician in the #Houston area.

Matt Dougherty reports:

HEMPSTEAD, Texas — Hempstead Mayor Michael Wolfe Sr. was arrested Thursday morning by the Texas Rangers and charged with abuse of official capacity, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis said.
An arrest affidavit stated Wolfe instructed city employees to keep his -- and his daughter's -- utilities active, even though they hadn't paid their bills in years.
Court documents show the mayor owed more than $10,500 in unpaid utility bills. His daughter allegedly owed nearly $10,000 in unpaid utility bills -- and had only made two utility payments since 2016 totaling $250 combined. 
The Texas Rangers said Wolfe had the city utility clerk routinely remove his and his daughter's names from the "cut-off" list.
According to the city's website, Wolfe is also the pastor of nearby Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church.
Wolfe was released on a $5,000 bond.
KHOU 11 stopped by Mayor Michael Wolfe’s home Thursday, but the person at the house closed the door as the crew approached and did not answer the door when the crew knocked.
Hempstead’s public utilities, including electric, water and gas, are all managed and operated by the city, as is the case in many small towns.
The City of Hempstead said Mayor Wolfe will remain in his position without restrictions unless he is convicted of the crimes.

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