Law Enforcement Agency Highlights Problems of Racist Toddlers w/ Cartoon

It always seems like liberalism in the UK is the canary in the mine shaft for what we can soon expect in the good old US of A.

Can toddlers be racist? That's what one police force is suggesting with some recent videos posted to their social media accounts.

The Summit reports:

A UK police force created a video which portrayed a white toddler being racist towards another toddler in kindergarten as part of “hate crime awareness week.”
Yes, really.
Devon & Cornwall Police posted a cartoon video to their official Twitter account which features a blonde haired, blue eyed girl racially abusing a dark sinned boy.
In the cartoon, the white girl sees the brown boy playing with a toy before walking up to him and telling him, “Stop playing with those, you’re going to make the toys dirty like your skin.”
The brown boy immediately starts crying before the teacher intervenes.
“My father says we should not play with people like him because they are different,” says the girl.
The video is one of numerous different cartoons posted to Twitter by Devon & Cornwall Police where in every case the bigoted or racist protagonist is white.
As Jack Montgomery writes, the cartoons urge the public to “report “hateful” behaviour “even if it isn’t a crime”, offering assurances that “you don’t even need evidence”.
Last week we highlighted how a chief of police in Britain chose to recognize “international pronouns day” by putting out a video warning people that misgendering transgender people was a form of “abuse.”
All this is occurring while police budgets are stretched to breaking point and the UK’s violent crime rate continues to soar.

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