Texas Art Museum Tells Kids to Eat Bugs, Al Jazeera Says Critics Are Racist

Sometimes when you combined two ridiculous news stories together they create a whole new level of ridiculousness.

In this case we're talking about climate change alarmism and race-baiting: two of the liberals favorite things, together at last!

The Summit News reports:

An art museum in Texas encouraged children and families to eat insects, including crickets and mealworms, during its “Eat a Bug” day this past weekend.
According to the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, its “Eat a Bug!” Free Family Arts Day is the venue’s most popular event, providing children with the chance to gobble “fried crickets” or “fried mealworms that are provided by a local pest control company.

This effort to encourage kids in Texas to eat bugs stems from the idea that consuming beef is bad for the environment.

But if you think this sounds awful and stupid, the terrorist defending news network Al Jazeera says you're a racist.

According to Al Jazeera, not wanting to eat insects is racist because Christopher Columbus said it was a trait of “savages”.
Al-Jazeera’s Yara Elmjouie put out a video entitled ‘Why bugs are the protein of the future’ in which he claims that westerners have a fear of edible insects because “European colonizers demonized indigenous people as “savages” for eating insects.”
“Those early racist characterizations played a part in forming later conceptions of insects as “disgusting,” tweeted Elmjouie.

I'm gonna have to pass on the bug consumption. Sorry, liberals.


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