Jewelry & Vacations: Harris County Democrat Judge Indicted for Wire Fraud

Who wouldn't want expensive jewelry, vacations, and a Prada purse?  Must be nice to be a Democrat (unless you get caught).

Another day another Democrat accused of corruption.

Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas, who presides over the 164th District Court, has been indicted on wire fraud.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says she embezzled campaign contributions.

She's been charged with seven counts of wire fraud.

According to the federal indictment she's been accused of spending campaign donations on personal expenses.

KHOU reports:

Smoots-Thomas, who previously used the name Smoots-Hogan, allegedly embezzled campaign contributions individuals and political action committees had made to her re-election campaigns.
The indictment read seven counts of wire fraud, including $761.74 on Zales Jewelry, $1,163.91 dollars on a Prada purse, roughly $1,213.82 on vacation airfare. They say she also spend $9,941.99 on school tuition, and $11,809 on her home mortgage.

Dang! Why does it seem like Democrats always have a hard time following the rules? Smoots-Thomas is a member of the same political party that constantly advocates for passing more laws and then later on they publicly shame cops for enforcing the rules that they created. 

This is why we vote for Republicans.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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