U of Houston Pro-Abortion Instructor Discussed Selling Dead Baby Parts

A one-day course at the University of Houston intended to "end abortion stigma" was taught by an instructor from Planned Parenthood who appeared in a video showing Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast employees discussing the sale of dead baby parts.

Let's take a trip in time back to 2015 when pro-life activists were outraged over a sting-video showing Planned Parenthood employees joking about trading fetal tissue for a "Lamborghini".

Now one of the Planned Parenthood employees from that video has taken her message to the students of the University of Houston.

After a pro-life group started circulating a petition to cancel the course, the class description briefly disappeared from the school's website before suddenly reappearing after the school was contacted by journalist Cecile Ryan of Campus Reform.

Ryan reports:

A woman who has been identified by multiple media outlets as Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Ambulatory Surgery Center Director Tram Nguyen can be seen in the viral sting video discussing how easy eyeballs are to find within abortive remains, saying that eyeballs or "orbits" are "so easy [to find], like 95 percent of the time. … Yes, they come out, like firmer."
“This comes out, like I said, the organs come out really well,” she says as she and who she believes is a potential tissue buyer observe the remains of aborted twins. “See, you can see all the intestines, pretty much all of it’s intact."
The course description lists Tram Nguyen as one of the course instructors, boasting about Nguyen's "years on the front lines" and explaining that "for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Tram provides the leadership, direction and administration of the ambulatory surgical center’s activities to ensure quality patient care, compliance with state and national regulatory and accreditation standards. She is often sought out for her expertise and knowledge in regulatory policies surrounding abortion in Texas."

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