Shreveport Mayor Tells First Responders Not to Help When Trump Visits

Update: new reports reveal the mayor of Shreveport has gone into full defense mode, telling outlets he will provide “some” help with Trump’s visit.


Shreveport Police and Firefighters have been ordered not do their jobs and assist with President Trump's visit to Bossier City this week.

First responders from Northwest Louisiana were planning to help prepare for Donald Trump's rally at the CenturyLink Center this week but the Mayor of Shreveport, Democrat Adrian Perkins, has ordered them not to get involved, according to multiple news outlets.

This order pertains to traffic control and the fire department bomb squad.

Wow! The Mayor of Shreveport wants people in Northwest Louisiana to be less safe? Sounds like another corrupt Democrat is running his mouth again.

Not surprisingly, local residents are pissed. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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