Charlies Angels Director: My Movie Failed Because You're All Sexist

Elizabeth Banks, the star/writer/producer/director of the new Charlies Angels reboot, says the film failed last weekend at the box office because America is sexist.

Liz says sexist America won't embrace a female led action movie. Unfortunately for her, the facts are not on her side.

Fox News reports:

Elizabeth Banks suggested that the reason her "Charlie's Angels" reboot failed to make a splash at the box office opening weekend was that men "don’t go see women do action movies.”
"Charlie's Angels" lost its wings over the weekend, earning just $8.6 million while the racing drama "Ford v Ferarri" topped the box office with a $31 million debut and the war film "Midway" came in second earning $8.75 million, according to Box Office Mojo.
Banks -- who wrote, produced, directed, and starred as Bosley in the reboot -- hinted to the Herald Sun prior to the film's release that a form of sexism from a male-dominated audience may be to blame for its current lack of financial success.

Hang on a second, Elizabeth! If America is too sexist for female action movies, how do you explain the last Charlies Angels reboot? That movie made over $260 million at the box office.

And what about Hunger Games? Elizabeth Banks was actually in that film and it earned $694 million at the box office.

Maybe... and hear me out on this one, folks... Maybe the new Charlies Angels reboot failed because it's a pandering example of woke feminism and it's boring?

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