ISIS Leader Accused of Murdering Women & Children Came To Europe as Refugee

Meanwhile, in Europe...

A man accused of being a leader for ISIS, who is also believed to have beheaded an imam and killed women and children, came to Europe with a refugee status visa.

Meet F Hassan, 27, who joined ISIS in 2014 after leaving the Syrian army, according to prosecuting attorneys.

He recruited jihadists to kill dozens of people outside the city of Homs in 2015. Victims include six women and a child.

According to reports the jihadists rounded up the locals and forced them to watch the beheading of the local imam.

The Independent reports, "Mr Hassan had obtained refugee status in Greece, before being apprehended in December at Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport when he and a female companion were found to have forged personal IDs."

This all serves as a brutal reminder that open border immigration policies are never a good idea.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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