Rapper Who Wrote Songs About Murdering Ex-Wife Wants More Gun Control Laws

In the world of domestic violence, guns are the great equalizer.

Most women probably can't defeat a man in a fistfight. Men are physically superior to women - this is a simple biological fact of nature.

But guns change that factor. A tiny woman with a handgun doesn't have to worry about being physically attacked by a man twice her size because she has firepower.

Consider that logic when you listen to the words of Grammy award winning rapper Marshal Mathers, aka Eminem, who has a history of writing songs about physically attacking and murdering his ex-wife, Kim.

Yesterday Eminem released a surprise album called "Music to Be Murdered By" that contains a pro-gun control message.

The same guy who recorded a song with lyrics like, "Sit down, bitch! You move again; I'll beat the shit out of you! (Okay!); Don't make me wake this baby!; She don't need to see what I'm 'bout to do!," or, "If you ever kill that Kim bitch I'll show you where the ocean is," when writing lyrics about his ex-wife, thinks it should be harder for people (like Kim, for example) to own guns.

Fox23 reports:

“When will this end? When enough people care," reads the text at the end of the video. "Register to vote at vote.gov. Make your voice heard and help change gun laws in America.”
A link to the music video on Eminem's website encourages viewers to contact or visit several gun violence prevention organizations, including Everytown for Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise.
The cover art features blood spatter and a bearded Eminem clad in a suit and fedora and holding a shovel. An alternate cover features the same splatter, with a now hatless Eminem holding both a hatchet and a gun to his head in an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 album of the same name: "Inspired by the master, Uncle Alfred!" Eminem tweeted.

Eminem must think we're all idiots. After spending his career celebrating domestic violence against women, he's advocating for laws that make it more difficult for women to protected themselves. He lives in a gated community and travels the world with armed bodyguards, but he doesn't want you or I to enjoy the same amount of protection.

Eminem thinks he's making a statement that's heavy on logic, common sense & intellectual merit but, considering the messenger, he's actually coming up pretty slim.

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