Harris County Judge's 'Snitch' Website Goes Offline in Less than 24 Hours

Update: the website appears to be back online.


When legendary Houston rap group The Geto Boys wrote a song called "I hate snitches" in 1988 we had no idea they were talking about Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Over the weekend the chief executive in charge of the 3rd largest county in America launched a "Snitch" website to encourage residents of Southeast Texas to rat out their fellow citizens for violating the stay-at-home orders.

Lina said on Twitter:

See a restaurant at full capacity? Businesses open that shouldn’t be? Help us save lives. If you see violations of Governor Abbott’s order, please report them at: http://bit.ly/Covidform1

After Lina posted the authoritarian Tweet the negative responses to it were widespread.

Much like NYC's "Snitch line", the snitch-website appears to have gone offline in less than 24 hours, possibly as a result of thousands of social media users encouraging people to file fake reports on the website.

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