Judge Who Locked Up Dallas Salon Owner Has a History w/ Workplace Violence

Meet Judge Moye: the guy who sent Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther to jail for a week is not exactly a wholesome individual.

Back 2009 he made headlines after he and another judge purportedly got into a violent altercation with each other at work.

Dallas Morning News reports:

It was a reported shoving match between Judge Carlos Cortez of the 44th Civil District Court and Judge Eric V. Moyé of the 14th Civil District Court. The fight occurred in Cortez’s chambers in front of a witness — a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy, according to Roger Mandel, who is Cortez’s attorney.
“Judge Cortez was physically assaulted by Judge Moye in Judge Cortez’s chambers,” Mandel said. “Judge Moye’s conduct is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Department.”

Wow! That's no way to behave in public.

AboveTheLaw.com had some more details:

Moyé went after Cortez in Cortez’s own chambers! That’s so wrong. One tipster explains why Moyé might have had an advantage in the tangle:
I’d take Moyé in the fight… [he] is a long-time student of Aikido (seethis– he’s also a top Amazon reviewer) and I think he still teaches at his dojo. In any event, the interesting question is what this would do (true or not) to Moyé’s alleged aspirations to the federal bench (he was nominated by Clinton back in the day and is rumored to have a continuing interest).
Well, we now know Moye is mighty capable of the judicial smackdown, an important part of being a federal judge. But it looks like he’s going to be the subject of a criminal investigation, which can’t be good for his aspirations.
More on this, why the judges were mixing it up, and Judge Cortez’s MySpace page, after the jump.
The Dallas Morning News reports that the matter has been handed over to the Texas Rangers — the police agency not the baseball team — for a criminal investigation.

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