Watch: BLM Mob Shoot Guns At Wisconsin Police Officer's Home

The irony that BlackLivesMatter activists are shooting guns at a black man's home is completely lost on Leftists.

Wauwatosa Police says officer Joseph Mensah was physically assaulted outside his girlfriend’s home on Saturday night with single shot was fired into the home.

A group of 50-60 people showed up at the home in an effort to harass and terrorize Officer Mensah. reports:

Mensah has had three justified shootings in the last five years. One suspect attacked him with a sword, and two with guns. Until the George Floyd incident, not much has ever been said. It is an unfortunate truth that law enforcement, at times, has to use deadly force to protect the lives of themselves or the public.
Mensah, who works just outside of Milwaukee, patrols a violent area. He also happens to be African American.
Several weeks ago, activists, politicians and celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers took notice and went after Mensah.

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