Twitter Labels CSPAN Footage of Biden Touching Girls "Child Exploitation"

The staff at Twitter just made a bold statement about Joe Biden's history with inappropriate touching.

Chances are good you've probably seen footage of our former Vice President sniffing women's hair and whispering sweet nothings into little girl's ears during Congressional swearing-in ceremonies. The footage has existed for years & many have acknowledged how creepy Biden looks when he's standing on stage at official Federal events and making the family members of his fellow countrymen uncomfortable.

But now one of the world's leading social media platforms is reiterating that point by banning the footage and labeling it as "child exploitation".

The Summit News reports:

C-Span footage of Joe Biden which accusers say shows him inappropriately touching young girls was flagged and removed by Twitter for violating its ‘Child Sexual Exploitation Policy’.
The issue arose after Texan progressive activist Johnny Graz argued that Biden should be investigated for sexual assault.
Jake Koenig responded by attempting to validate Graz’s assertion by posting clips from Biden meeting young girls at their parents’ congressional swear-in ceremonies in 2015.
The now infamous footage contains numerous examples of what accusers say is the presidential nominee deliberately touching the young girls in sensitive areas while at other times whispering into their ears.
However, when Koenig posted the footage, his account was locked until he agreed to delete it.