Top Attorney Releases Database of Alleged 2020 Voter Fraud Evidence

Hey, Silicon Valley, fact check this database of voter fraud evidence!

Go ahead, do it.

At this time the database includes hundreds of incidents of alleged voter fraud and election irregularities.

AJ Cooke reports:

Legal crusader Robert Barnes publicized, an archive for admissible evidence of 2020 election irregularities
Famed constitutional, civil rights and tax attorney Robert Barnes tweeted out a link this morning to It advertises itself as an archive for people to submit and review evidence of “irregularities” in the disputed 2020 election.
The stated purpose is to crowd-source evidence to be used in court, presumably by challengers to the 2020 election process.
Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Protest At Pennsylvania State Capitol

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - NOVEMBER 05: Dozens of people calling for stopping the vote count in Pennsylvania due to alleged fraud against President Donald Trump gather on the steps of the State Capital on November 05, 2020 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The activists, many with flags and signs for Trump, have made allegations that votes are being stolen from the president as the race in Pennsylvania continues to tighten in Joe Biden's favor. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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