SCIENCE: People Who Eat Spicy Food Have Better Sex Lives

Good news if you're a Cajun!

A new study found people who love spicy food have almost twice as much sex as people who hate it.  

SWNS Digital Reports:

Results showed spicy palates could arguably  correlate to a sense of adventure with those marking themselves as hot  on the spice range more likely to say they love roller coasters, listen  to loud music, and even drive fast down a winding road.

In fact, hot and spicy food lovers were 45  percent more likely to have traveled out of the country, and more likely  to have also gone skydiving, gone on a rafting trip, and gone scuba  diving.

Spicy food lovers are even six times more  likely (2 percent to 12 percent) to have gone bungee jumping than those  who don’t like any spice.

Results showed people who enjoy their food  to be hot were the most likely to rate their happiness level at a  perfect ten than any other spicy preference, and that also goes with how  happy they are in their current job.

And those who liked spicier food did also  show higher scores for being sociable and extroverted, with hot food  enjoyers more likely to say they love meeting new people and more likely  to rate themselves as a good public speaker.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is how on  top of their life people who prefer hot spice tend to be, when compared  to those who don’t.

The hot spice lovers were very goal oriented and 29 percent more likely to have a dream they’re currently working towards.

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