Woman Stabs Boyfriend for Getting Them Kicked Out of Bryan Adams Concert

Canada is the Florida of the North!

A couple got kicked out of a Bryan Adams concert in Canada last year, with 20 minutes left in the show.  

The woman had moved closer to the stage, exchanged words with someone in the front row, and her boyfriend escalated things. And she was so mad at him when they got home, she stabbed him in the FACE. 

Luckily it was just a flesh wound. 

The Chronicle Herald reports:

The 34-year-old woman was convicted in provincial court Tuesday on charges of assault, assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public in connection with the attack last July, which happened at the couple's downtown home after the concert.
Judge James Walsh also found the woman guilty of assaulting a peace officer for spitting at an RNC officer who arrested her.
Both the woman and her boyfriend took the stand at her trial Tuesday, but Walsh rejected both their testimonies, saying they were attempting to minimize the altercation in an effort to regain custody of their children.
The three children were removed from the home sometime after the incident by the province's Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development.
The woman told the court she and her boyfriend had gone to the concert with her mother. Near the end of the show, she left her seat to stand with the crowd closer to the stage, and a man sitting near the front took issue with her, she said. The man took out his phone and said he was going to report her, and her boyfriend took the phone and threw it.
"That's when security got involved," she testified, telling the court she had decided to leave with her boyfriend when he was told by security personnel to get out. "I was upset. Mom said I missed a good part of the show. (Adams) sang a tribute to his father."
After walking home, saying goodbye to the babysitter and putting her youngest child to bed, she confronted her boyfriend, the woman said.
"I remember going upstairs and asking (him) why he would ruin the last 20 minutes of the concert when there was basically no need," she said. "I wanted him to leave. I told him he ruined my night, that he should have kept his hands to himself and none of it would have happened. I was pretty upset."
The woman testified she had asked the man multiple times to leave, to no avail, telling him that she would call the police to have him removed. She pushed him, she said, scratching him in the face in the process. She said the man then threw her to the floor. She then got up and punched him.

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