How badly do you want to be healthy?

Seriously, if you think eating kale and spinach is gross, you're gonna hate this news.

Marie Claire reports:

Health freaks will go to extreme lengths in the name of nutrients (and staying one step ahead of the trend), but I'm not afraid to say it: The latest "superfood" is just plain gross.
Taking stomach-churning to a whole new level is cockroach milk, which is comprised of the nutrient-rich milk crystals found inside the Pacific Beetle cockroach.
This species uses said protein crystals as food for cockroach infants, but new research suggests that it could be beneficial to humans, too, as it's one of the most nourishing and highly caloric substances on the planet.
It boasts four times as much protein as cow's milk, but also contains essential amino acids that promote cell growth, lipids that keep our bodies healthy, and sugars that fuel energy.
While the aforementioned benefits sound fine and all, as a beauty editor I needed to know if it had an "prettifying" benefits (what else could entice me to drink insect milk?), so I asked Rachel Nazarian, M.D. at Schweiger Dermatology Group to weigh in.
"The levels of growth hormone in this particular liquid are unknown, and there is evidence that shows that growth hormones may exacerbate acne in certain individuals," Dr. Nazarian explains. "The high levels of sugar may also make it a poor choice in terms of skin health and beauty, as we know that high-sugar diets actually accelerate skin aging."

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