New 'Consent Condoms' Can Only Be Opened By 2 People, But Why?!

Here's a dumb idea... "consent condoms".

Before I explain why this is absurdly stupid, let's take a look at what it is, shall we?

'Consent condoms' require four hands to open the packaging. That means you need your partner to participate in order to open the box.

The idea comes to us courtesy of an Argentinian contraceptive firm, Tulipan, who says the product will make consent during more "clear".

Hmm... really? Okay, can I offer an alternative thought on this one, Tulipian?

Maybe... it's possible... that rapists generally don't use condoms?

No, really. Think about it - how often does someone who forces sexual relations on an unwilling partner stop to put on a prophylactic?

Look, I'm sure somebody does it... a "polite" rapist? But that term is an oxymoron. If you're raping someone, you're probably not thinking about unwanted pregnancy and venereal disease, are you?

I'll admit, I don't actually know the answer to that question. I've never been involved in sexual assault in any capacity so i have a hard time imagining how condoms work into the equation.

Either way, I'm giving "consent condoms" an F, for being f***ing pointless.

We can thank the offense-industry for this pointless product.

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