Watch: Bulls Invade A&M Party in Prairie View (video)

Check out the video at the bottom of this post.

KTRK reports:

Prairie View A&M University students were in for quite the thrill while they attended an outdoor off-campus party.
On Saturday night, students say they were enjoying themselves when suddenly, multiple bulls and/or longhorns began to approach the party.
Everyone began to disperse while the four bulls continued to charge at random students.

That's KTRK's version of the story but this explanation of the incident was sent to us by a local:

Prarie View is a predominantly black engineering college. The student body can’t party on campus so they frequent this pasture up the road about a half a mile to have their soirées. This happens several times a month.
This past week was the ‘Spring Fling’ as they call it. Students park up and down FM 1098 ultimately blocking traffic because it’s a 4’ shoulder
Also they walk in the middle of the road where you cant get past them. You honk at them to move and they give you a ‘how dare you’ kind of look.
The black community around there gives these kids a pass on it all as ‘kids will be kids’ or ‘at least they aren’t out running the streets at all hours’ or ‘oh let the children have a little fun’
Waller County Sheriff is afraid to do anything but monitor it all because they are afraid they will have another Sandra Bland situation on their hands
This kind of behavior is a direct result of what happens when you don’t raise your children to understand respect and station of themselves and other people in the world...but of course I’m a racist for thinking that way, right?

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