Guy Fleeing Cops Runs Past "Will Shoot Trespasser" Sign, Gets Shot

A 21-year-old guy in St. Paul, Minnesota was running from the cops yesterday, after crashing a stolen car. 

So he ran onto someone's property with a sign that said, "No Trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again." 

And . . . the homeowner shot him three times. He survived, in case you were worried. 

Strangely, now the homeowner has been arrested. reports:

A St. Paul homeowner was arrested after shooting and wounding a 20-year-old man in his yard suspected of crashing a stolen car nearby on Tuesday morning, police said.
Police brought Vincent N. Trotter, 36, in for questioning about what led to the shooting at approximately 10 a.m. in the Payne-Phalen area. He was booked into the Ramsey County jail on suspicion of aggravated assault at 6:35 p.m. Tuesday.
His arrest was based on evidence and information uncovered by investigators, in consultation with the Ramsey County attorney’s office, according to police.
Trotter has a permit to carry, a nephew said earlier in the day. He said he believes his uncle would have been protecting his wife and their baby.
A sign visible in the home’s front window on Cook Avenue, off Payne Avenue, says, “No Trespassing,” and “Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again!”
Jalik Combs was shot three times — in the buttocks, forearm and legs, according to his mother, Artesa Wheatley, who lives on the same block and said she heard five shots. She said she doesn’t know Trotter.
Combs was treated at Regions Hospital and booked into the Ramsey County jail Tuesday on two counts of suspicion of auto theft.
Wheatley said she talked to her son by phone and he told her the man asked him, “Did you see the sign that said ‘No trespassing’?” and told him to get away from his house.
Combs told Trotter he was leaving and started to, but he was shot, according to Wheatley.
“I understand that’s your property, I understand people not wanting people trespassing on their property and I could see if (Combs) tried to come fight you or something, but my son didn’t have any type of weapon,” Wheatley said.
Minnesota court records about Trotter show traffic and parking violations, but not criminal offenses.

If I was the judge I would drop the charges against the homeowner faster than a sack of manure. This guy had a sign posted and he shot someone accused of stealing cars & fleeing from the cops. He's not exactly a threat to the community. Some might even say he's a good citizen.  Did he overreact? Maybe, maybe not. He has a clean legal record and he didn't kill anyone. Give him a slap on the wrist and let him go.

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