Former Child Star's Topless Instagram Post: I Was Molested My Whole Life

After recent scandals involving Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and, of course, Jeffrey Epstein, it's become increasingly obvious that Hollywood has a sexual predator problem.

In a social media post, accompanied by several topless photos, a former Disney star said she was molested her whole life.

Kyle Morris reports:

A candid poem from Bella Thorne, which is included in her recent book “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul,” claims the former Disney star was molested throughout her childhood.
In an Instagram post featuring several topless photos of her, 21-year-old Thorne claims she is “figuring” out how to deal with the demons from her past and questions how she has planned to achieve her “end goal.”
“What is wrong with me. Why do I need Validation from everyone but mostly men,” Thorne asks as she opens the work.
Thorne continued by saying that her friends tell her to be single and “make your self happy,” but the actress claims that sounds “fucking scary” and insists “all I want is him.”
“I want him to hold me, I want him to love me, I want him to tell me it’s ok, I want him to look me in the eyes and let me know I’m accepted,” the pansexual “Blended” star wrote. “Why? Because I can’t accept myself.”
“And if it’s not him I just look for the ‘next’ him, or her Why can’t I just look for the next me,” Thorne continued. “Find me and accept me. Was it because I was molested my whole life. Exposed to sex at such a young age it’s all I know how to offer to the world…or is it because I was raised to think I wasn’t good enough. Not good enough for her or anything else.”
“I can’t blame my childhood, in fact I can’t blame anyone for anything,” Thorne added. “All I can do is blame me.”
Thorne then launched into what she considered to be “blame” on herself.
“I blame me for not loving myself. I blame me for not thinking I’m attractive, I blame me for putting this on everyone around me,” she wrote. “Expecting people to love me enough for me to love myself. But at the end of the day that will never happen.”

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