Marianne Williamson Deleted Tweet: "Power of the Mind" Can Stop Dorian

The 2020 Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson took to twitter to voice her own explanation of how Hurricane Dorian was drawn away from hitting Florida shores. The tweet has since been deleted, but some of her claims are kinda wacky. In this modern day and age many politicians and entertainers in Hollywood, and the music industry believe in subjective truth and fluidity to reality. Although they claim "climate change" is a real threat to our society, they believe we can make our own truth of several many "truths".

The problem is not "climate change" or the consistent arguments against our economic structure and how it is to blame for some of these massive storms. The problem is that this is a real candidate for the democratic party running for president. In her tweet she assumes that the "power of our mind" is able to stop these great storms that threaten our coastal cities. In the tweet, as you may see below, she claims that if we pray hard enough, meditate deep enough, or think strong enough against Hurricane Dorian then we can see shifts in the weather as we are seeing now with the trajectory of the hurricane. This completely goes against all reasoning and logic. Marianne has since responded and has asked several people who have challenged her, a chance to elaborate on what she meant. Read more HERE

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