Now You Can Buy a Plastic AOC Action Figure

The action figure is literally made out of fossil fuels and none of her stupid supporters see the hypocrisy happening right before their very eyes.

WTRH reports:

America's youngest Congresswoman is getting her own action figure.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will soon be her own plastic statue after a successful Kickstarter campaign by toy maker FCTRY.
FCTRY is collaborating with Seattle-based artist and activist Mike Leavitt to add another figurine to their line of "real-life heroes."
The company has already made about a dozen action figures for public figures and political leaders including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Barack Obama and Billie Jean King. There is also an "Evil Trump" action figure, so the company's opinion on the current president is clear.
The latest campaign for AOC has surpassed $27,000 since it hit Kickstarter — nearly doubling its $15,000 goal.

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