Cartel Thugs Ambush Wounded Officer After Border State Shootout

This is one more reason why we support the police and President Trump.

Brandon Darby reports:

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon – A group of cartel gunmen chased down a squad of police officers in what escalated to a fierce shootout where five attackers died and two cops sustained injuries on Wednesday, November 6.
The shootouts began in the town of Anahuac when Nuevo Leon State Police spotted a group of gunmen moving in at least two pickups, law enforcement officials revealed. The gunmen were identified as members of the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) faction of Los Zetas. The officers tried to intercept and set off a high-speed shootout that ended in rural Lampazos several miles away.
The first clash ended with state officers managing to kill five gunmen while two cops sustained injuries. The rest managed to escape. After the clash, authorities called for medical assistance and a squad of local police from Anahuac escorted the ambulances.
The Zetas who fled the shootout returned with reinforcements to target the wounded police as they were being taken to hospitals. More state police rushed to the scene to provide backup, forcing the Zetas to retreat.

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