Watch: Rep Sheila Jackson Lee Says the New Budget is... Racist, Of Course

Everything is racist in SheJack's world.

Houston's Rep Sheila Jackson Lee is a hot mess. She's also a professional race-baiter because no matter what happens in the world of public policy, 9 times out of 10 SheJack will respond to the news by suggesting it's racist.

She's done it again, in fact, this time with the proposed Federal budget plan.

What's racist about a Federal budget plan?

Nothing... Unless your name is SheJack.

From Townhall:

Jackson Lee compared stereotypes of slaves being lazy and how “laws were put in place that if you were picking cotton, you couldn’t get assistance.”
“This document is trying to uproot the long belief that poor people, particularly African Americans, and now immigrants and others, are lazy. This budget clearly emphasizes that unfortunately racially charged direction, in cutting Medicaid, in cutting nutrition programs, in cutting housing,” she said.


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