Spring Break Continues at South Padre Island Despite Coronavirus

If the coronavirus outbreak is going to kill us all, someone forgot to tell the college-aged spring-breakers at South Padre Island in Texas.

Good to see young people are taking this whole pandemic thing seriously.

The Monitor reports:

The city of South Padre Island has decided that Spring Break should go on, even amid a wave of cancellations of major events elsewhere around Texas and the nation due to fears about the spread of the new coronavirus.
SPI issued a statement March 10 claiming that city officials had diligently reviewed and evaluated all information regarding risks associated with coronavirus, or COVID-19, and concluded that the event could proceed with minimal risk. Unlike massive public gatherings such as SXSW in Austin that attract large numbers of international visitors, SPI’s Spring Break attracts mainly residents of Texas and other states, according to the city.
“Information available indicates that the majority of the coronavirus cases are from people that entered in the U.S. internationally … and have been appropriately quarantined,” read the statement.
Spring Break Revelers Flock To Texas's South Padre Island

Photo by Getty Images

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