Texas Town Bans Fishing to Protect Residents From Coronavirus

There's no evidence fish can carry COVID19; the reality is quite the opposite, actually.

But that didn't stop one Texas town from banning fishing in an effort to protect their citizens from the coronavirus, for some reason.

On April 16th Port Aransas, a small island community near Corpus Chris, will ban fishing from public areas to protect you from yourself.

Brad Johnson reports:

The order reads, “Fishing from shore, whether from ship channel, jetties, or beach is prohibited.”
Port Aransas’ order states it is not conflicting with the governor’s executive order — which specifically uses fishing as an example of an “essential service” — since public fishing is not a “service.”
“Fishing is not a service. It is an activity,” the order reads. The city calls the provision within the governor’s order a “self-limiting provision.”
The order does not prohibit fishing from boats in the water, just from the shore. It is intended to prevent tourist-driven foot traffic, mainly for activities such as beach-going and fishing.
“The Mayoral Order prohibiting fishing from certain locations open to the general public was and is an attempt to reduce fishing activity by eliminating it from public venues, the ship channel, jetties and beaches because it attracts tourists, exacerbating the danger and proliferation of the COVID-19 virus. It is an attempt to protect the citizens of our City and other innocent victims endangered by the spread of this frightening, life-threatening pandemic,” the order reads.

But why?! If people are out of work then fishing might be their last resource to get some food. Similarly, COVID19 is a respiratory disease which fresh air and exercise are essential for preventing the illness.

This is one more example of government making a problem worse with a faux solution.

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