Video - Joe Biden Lied About Taking a Cognitive Test

Joe Biden is not having a good year.

Between telling black people they aren't truly black if they don't support him, to his weird story about fighting "Corn Pop" with a straight razor, or constantly making incoherent statements while hiding in a basement, calling a Democrat primary voter a "lying dog-faced pony-soldier, and the time he suggested little black kids enjoyed his blonde leg hair at the public pool, the presumed Democrat presidential candidate has had his share of gaffes in 2020 (not to mention his sexual assault allegations courtesy of Tara Reade).

But somehow he keeps managing to outdo himself.

Last month Joe Biden held a press conference at an auditorium in Wilmington, Delaware. While he was at the even he actually admitted he forgot where he was. He also admitted to a reporter that he's taken cognitive tests to prove he doesn't have dementia (see video below).

Fast-forward to yesterday when Biden was doing an interview with a black CBS reporter named Errol Barnett. Barnett asked Biden the same question he was asked last month in Delaware (when he forgot where he was). Strangely this time Biden had a different answer.

Not only did Biden tell the reporter he never took a cognitive test, contradicting his previous statement, he accused a black man (the reporter, Barnett) of being a junkie addicted to drugs for asking the question.

Whether he received the cognitive test or not is irrelevant - the point is, he previously said he took a test to prove he doesn't have dementia

Could you imagine if President Donald Trump had done the equivalent? It would be the top news story for 48 hours on every major network.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Speaks In Lancaster On Health Care

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Speaks In Lancaster On Health Care

LANCASTER, PA - JUNE 25: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at an an event about affordable healthcare at the Lancaster Recreation Center on June 25, 2020 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Biden met with families who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act and made remarks on his plan for affordable healthcare. (Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

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