Et tu, Dan? Crenshaw Blames Trump for DC Riot: "People Were Lied To"

If you live in Southeast Texas you may have voted for Rep Dan Crenshaw to be your lawmaker.

You may be interested to learn that, in addition to supporting red flag laws, climate change theory, & the military industrial complex, Crenshaw also says Trump lied to his supporters and misled them into rioting in DC.

Do you agree with Dan?

Joseph Choi reports:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) on Thursday chastised President Trump as well as his GOP colleagues in Congress for opposing the election results and inciting the violent breach in the Capitol the day before.
“All of the members who called for everyone to come and fight and make their last stand, all of those members were scattered like cowards while the Capitol Police had to do the fighting,” the former Navy SEAL told Hearst Newspapers on Thursday.
Lawmakers and staffers in the Capitol barricaded themselves or were evacuated as pro-Trump rioters broke into the Capitol, smashing windows and vandalizing offices. Though the siege delayed the vote certification for several hours, President-elect Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed by Congress early Thursday morning.
The Republican lawmaker also placed blame upon Trump, accusing the president and his allies of ramping the crowd up and not understanding how certain language could incite a crowd that has already been misled.

Representative Dan Crenshaw, a Republican from Texas, speaks during a House Homeland Security Committee security hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020. The hearing focused on international terrorism threats, the rise in domestic terrorism incidents and recent shootings as well as election security and cyber threats. Photographer: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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