Watch: California COVID Task Force Busts Massive Swingers Party

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's superspreader task force (yes, that's a real thing) busted a major swingers party being held in a warehouse over the weekend.

They said there were a few HUNDRED middle-aged people there.

We hate to jump out on a limb here but if you're the type of person who likes to watch strangers have sex with your wife maybe catching coronavirus is the least of your problems?

Ed Laskos and KJ Hiramoto report:

It was advertised as a "swinger's party." However, they were swapping more than just spouses.
FOX 11 Investigates has been showing Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department breaking up superspreader events over the last several weeks. But we didn't see this twist coming.
An "adults only" superspreader event got busted at a warehouse in South Central Los Angeles over the weekend. This time, it wasn't teenagers and young people... it was older, middle-aged partygoers.
"The party is over," an LASD deputy told partygoers over the loudspeakers.
LASD's superspreader task force detained and cited more than "a couple hundred" people.