126 People In Louisiana Test Positive for COVID After Being Vaccinated

Before you get inoculated you deserve to know the truth.

Trey Schmaltz reports:

As of Friday (April 2), 126 people in Louisiana were classified as having a "breakthrough" vaccine COVID case - testing positive for coronavirus after being fully vaccinated.
About half of the breakthrough cases were found during routine screening and the patients were asymptomatic at the time of the test, health officials said Friday.
A person is fully vaccinated 14 days after they've received the second of two doses or the one and only single-dose vaccine.
The 126 cases of people having contracted COVID even after being fully vaccinated is a small fraction of the number of people who have completed the vaccine series. As of the most recent data, 782,189, people have been fully vaccinated in Louisiana. The 126 people represent .02%.
"Keep in mind that these vaccines are highly effective — 95% for Pfizer, 94% for Moderna and 73% for Johnson & Johnson — and all three are 100% effective at preventing serious illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths," state health officials said.
"These [breakthrough] cases are exceedingly rare," state health officials added.

Again, we're not saying you'll test positive for COVID if you get vaccinated. We're just saying... it's happened.

For whatever it's worth, a large portion of people in the state of Louisiana have no plan to ever get vaccinated, according to Matt Doyle.

32 percent of Louisianans said they will never take a COVID vaccine according to the 2021 Louisiana Survey.
LSU Public Policy Lab Director Mike Henderson said when you break down the numbers the one group most likely to refuse vaccination is white Republicans.
“Over the past year so much of the way that people think of the coronavirus and the way they think of the threat of the coronavirus depends on their political views,” said Henderson.
A separate poll by the Louisiana Public Health Institute found Blacks and white women were most likely to have vaccine hesitancy.
Henderson said vaccine resistance is high despite the fact that nearly 60 percent of Louisianans say either they or someone they live with has lost a job or income due to the pandemic.
“It has had a pretty far reach into people’s lives but that has not translated into universal acceptance of the vaccine,” said Henderson.
A combined 58 percent said they have either been vaccinated or plan on it. Henderson said for the rest of the state it could take some convincing.

Healthcare workers fill out patient paperwork during a drive-thru flu shot clinic at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S., on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020. Shreveport recently completed a test run for distributing an eventual coronavirus vaccine, using a community drive-thru clinic for flu shots. Photographer: Dylan Hollingsworth/Bloomberg via Getty Images