Naked Florida Woman Tasered After Flipping Out in Outback Steakhouse

Warning: viewer discretion advised.

Holden Walter-Warner reports:

Photos captured the moment a naked woman destroyed a bar in Florida before police came in and shot her with a stun gun before taking her into custody.
Tina Kindred, 53, was acting 'out of control,' according to reports from the local sheriff's office, which led to a response from the Ocala Police Department on Monday.
Kindred can be seen standing naked on top of the bar.
Kindred appears to be at an Outback Steakhouse location, though she also had an incident at Mojo Grill the same day, police say.
In a video of the incident, she begins trashing the bar, pulling each bottle down one by one and smashing them on the ground.
When police respond, Kindred threw bottles at police officers.
Kindred emerges out of the bar and begins to approach an officer.
When she gets too close, the officer deploys a taser, knocking Kindred to the ground as the cop yells at her to get on her stomach as he threatens to use it again.
Another angle shows Kindred throwing bottles before she is stunned.
According to Ocala-News, Kindred threw at least three bottles at officers, including one that hit an officer's arm.
Kindred lays on her stomach as asked while the restaurant appears to be in tatters.

This video contains some grainy light-nudity. Don't watch if you're easily offended.