Hunter, Megan Rapinoe, and Billie Eilish: a week filled w/ Anti-Asian slurs

What do soccer player Megan Rapinoe, First Son Hunter Biden, and pop singer Billie Eilish all have in common? In one week they were all the focus of news stories involving the use of anti-Asian hate speech.

Let's start with Hunter, since you've probably already heard:

First son Hunter Biden used the racial slur “yellow” to refer to Asian women in a January 2019 text message to cousin Caroline Biden about getting fixed up with someone, according to a new report.
The January 26, 2019 conversation was preserved on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and was first reported by
In a screenshot posted by the outlet, Caroline — the daughter of President Biden’s brother James — suggests setting Hunter up with one of her friends.
“Do you want foreign or domestic,” she asks at one point before adding: “I can’t give you f—ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.”
The next two messages from Hunter read: “Domesticated foreigner” and “Is fine.” The next message reads: “No yellow.”

Obviously that's pretty bad, but Subway Sandwich and Victoria's Secret spokesperson Megan Rapinoe recently had this 2011 Tweet resurface:

But wait! There's more...

Despite being a new darling of the left for her vocal opposition to former President Donald Trump, Grammy-winning pop sensation Billie Eilish finds herself in the midst of a race scandal after video emerged on social media appearing to show the star mocking Asians, including using a racial slur against people of Chinese descent.
In the undated TikTok video clip compilation that surfaced on social media this week, Billie Eilish appears to speak gibberish in a mock Asian accent and to use the word “chink.” At another point in the video, her brother Finneas appears to call her out for speaking with a “blaccent,” or black accent.

Again, these three people don't have much in common other than these things:

  1. They're all famous liberals
  2. They all used hateful language to describe Asians
  3. None of them seem to be in any trouble for their word crimes.

White liberal privilege strikes again!

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