Wild woman on airplane wears microphone headset & heckles everyone

Obviously this woman's crazy but she also seems like she's kinda cute... you know what that means.

She actually makes a couple of great points during her insane rant but suffice to say it was not the right time nor the place.

Anyway, she's in trouble.

Armed with a microphone headset and an inflated ego, an unnamed woman is going viral with over 1.9 million social media views for disrupting a commercial flight with her unsolicited COVID-19 musings over the weekend.
But in (the) video, flight attendants are seen attempting to stop the “Karen” — wearing a white button-up blouse, dark blue bottoms and a colorful neck scarf — from giving an unauthorized pandemic lecture by threatening to confine her in handcuffs.
“You’re gonna cuff me?,” yelled the brunette as one flight crewmember ran to retrieve the restraining apparatus. “I don’t need to be cuffed. I’m completely harmless.”
The uncontrollable orator then noted that her attractiveness gave her the right to cause a sky-high scene.
The entire plane’s protests notwithstanding, the woman continued pontificating about the pandemic, claiming the COVID outbreak started as a result of the “internet” and the overuse of “stupid [electronic] devices.”
But after a few more seconds of ranting, flight attendants ushered the woman back to her seat, allowing her to gather a carry-on dog carrier, before detaining her to the rear of the aircraft.

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