Sex Island Vacation Offering 'Unlimited Sex' With 100 Prostitutes

You may remember Sex Island from a few years back. The four-day, drug-friendly sex party vacation package kicked off in 2017 and was intended to be an annual event. The concept isn't exactly COVID-safe, so the pandemic caused organizers to take a couple of years off. But, according to the New York Post, Sex Island is back and the first post-COVID event kicks off today.

The Good Girls Company bills the event as a four-day orgy extravaganza, promising customers “unlimited sex without a condom" with a roster of 100 prostitutes. The event happens at a secret location near Las Vegas. The package price is $4,500 and organizers only make 50 tickets available. The event offers on-site HIV and STI testing, is described as "drug-friendly", and offers such amenities as tennis, horseback riding, casino tours, a holographic concert, and sensual helicopter rides.

Watch this space. Seems likely there might be some fun Sex Island headlines coming out of the long weekend.

Photo: Getty Images

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