Presidents Who Were The Biggest Friends To Beer

Here are five presidents who were the biggest friends to beer.

5. Jimmy Carter - Despite being the brother of an alcoholic, he signed the legislation that legalized homebrewing.

4. Woodrow Wilson - Many think he was a bad guy because he allowed the gain in momentum toward prohibition. But when presented with the bill, he vetoed it. Overturned by Congress, Wilson's veto to save beer ultimately ended his political career. "He died on that hill for our beer."

3. Thomas Jefferson - When presented with the idea of creating a national brewery, turned it down. Some say that is because he supported the free enterprise of business to meet that need... we think it's because he knew how a government organization is capable of ruining anything (even beer)

2. FDR - After signing the legislation that ended prohibition he said "What America needs now is a drink."

1. George Washington - A homebrewer and fan of porter, he instituted the first "buy American" campaign, refusing to drink English porter.

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