The Heart of Belgium (Documentary)

A filmmaker and beer/bicycle enthusiast named Peter Bragiel took a trip of a lifetime. He packed up his bike and flew from Los Angeles to Belgium with the plan of visiting all 6 Trappist breweries. Follow him on his journey as he bicycles around Belgium sampling some of the greatest beer in the world. This is really well done with amazing cinematography. Grab a beer and enjoy The Heart of Belgium.


In Transit is back and on a new adventure. In just a few days we'll be setting off on bicycles around the country of Belgium for a total of 550 miles. We're calling this journey  --- The Heart of Belgium!


Hell-bent to Ghent & Westvleteren | The Heart of Belgium: Part 1

The 550 mile bike adventure Begins! We say goodbye to Los Angeles and begin our journey around Belgium, starting in Brussels Airport.


Magic in Blaton | The Heart of Belgium: Part 2

We leave Poperinge and travel to Blaton, a small village on the border of France. On this third day of our 550 mile  journey we biked a total of 60 miles.


Road To Chimay | The Heart of Belgium: Part 3

On day four we bike 60 miles from Magical Blaton to our second Trappist monastery , Chimay.


Orval | The Heart of Belgium: Part 4

Into the Ardennes we go! Officially half way around the Heart of Belgium. In this segment we ride 55 miles to Bouillon which is in the Southern region of Belgium, visit the Orval Abbey (Trappist Monastery #3), and have a great old time! Even though we're hitting elevation, we're feeling really good.

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