A Guy Named Billy Bob Got Drunk and Did Something Dumb

A Guy Named Billy Bob Got Drunk and Did Something Dumb

A 59-year-old guy near Dallas named Billy Bob Hall recently decided to turn himself in to police for violating his parole.

But he was nervous about going back to jail. So he decided to get DRUNK before he did it.

He chugged seven Budweisers to help build up some courage, then went to the police station. But when he showed up, it turned out the cops WEREN'T looking for him.

It's not clear why he thought he'd violated his parole. But there weren't any warrants out. So they would have let him go.

Except he was so drunk at that point, they determined he was a danger to himself and others . . . and arrested him for public intoxication.

Apparently THAT violated his parole. And he's now back in jail.

Photo Cred: Parker County Jail

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