Two Brothers Get Into a Fistfight Over the "I Need Beer Money" Guy

Two Brothers Get Into a Fistfight Over the "I Need Beer Money" Guy

When 24-year-old Carson King from Altoona, Iowa held up a sign on ESPN asking for beer money, there's just NO WAY he could've expected all this.

If you haven't been following this story, Carson held up a sign on ESPN's "College GameDay" last month asking people to Venmo him money because, quote, "Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished."

Well . . . he wound up getting so much money he decided to donate it to charity. And Busch Light decided to join in and match the donations.

At least they did until a newspaper reporter found RACIST TWEETS that Carson posted when he was 16. Busch Light cut ties and Carson apologized.

THEN it turned out the newspaper reporter had ALSO posted racist tweets when HE was younger, so he was fired.

And now . . . THIS. Two brothers in North Liberty, Iowa got into an argument on Friday night over whether Busch Light was right to back out. And 21-year-old Jordan Lewis wound up punching his brother . . . and getting arrested for domestic abuse.

By the way, the final donation total is $2.96 million.

Photo Cred::North Liberty Police

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